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Edit Article How to Hide an Instagram Story from Some Followers This wikiHow teaches you how to specify who can and cannot see your story a person post to it.

This does not affect regular posts to your Instagram feed. Quick Summary . Open Instagram and sign in to your account if necessary. . Tap the Profile button. during. Tap the Menu button. -. Tap Story Settings. . Tap Hide Stories From. so many. Select from your list of friends. . Tap Handled. Did seguidores reais no instagram gratis help youKeep reading to learn even more.”

datatextareaprompt=”Please describe what was helpful in the video training.” type=”submit”>YesKeep reading find out more about significantly more.” datatextareaprompt=”Please show what you’d have liked to see in film.” type=”submit”>No Steps Method iOS Open Instagram. This is the pink icon with a retro camera symbol within. Enter your username and password and tap Sign on if prompted. Tap the Profile button. This could be the person icon in the bottom right corner. Tap recption menus button.

This is within upper right corner and appears like a gear. Scroll down and tap Story Temps. This is within the Account aspect of the menu. Tap Hide Stories From the. Select followers to hide your story coming from. A checkmark will appear towards right of selected proponents. Tap Done. This is in the top of the right corner. The selected followers will a much be able to view your story. They’ll also not receive any notifications when you post to who’s.

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